Pharmascience Inc is proud to announce that it has acquired Uman Pharma Inc. on November 13, 2014.


The quality and safety of our products are of the utmost importance at Pharmascience. The quality systems are constantly kept up-to-date with the evolution of regulatory requirements and clients’ needs and through a training program that give employees the necessary tools to ensure that products always meet and exceed the highest quality standards. The manufacturing and distribution processes are fully validated and documentation is maintained to ensure product traceability.  


Quality Control

The Quality Control group is responsible for ensuring that all manufacturing activities follow the predefined  set of procedures which determine the quality criteria or requirements. Their responsibilities cover all activities including design, development, documentation, production and inspection processes as well as the quality control of raw materials, components and finished products.

This is supported by in-house state-of-the-art chemistry and microbiology analytical laboratories and a dedicated and experienced team of professionals. Stability programs meeting all ICH requirements are in place.


Quality Assurance

Product release, change control management, audit management, standard operating procedure and material and product specifications are all reviewed and approved by this group. The Quality Assurance group works closely with all functions within Pharmascience to ensure that our quality system constantly meets and exceeds regulatory requirements.

GMP practices at Pharmascience require that all manufacturing and testing equipment has been qualified as suitable for use, and that all operational methodologies and procedures (such as manufacturing, cleaning and analytical testing) utilized in the drug manufacturing process have been validated.



The Validation group ensures that all equipment, systems and utilities, as well as manufacturing processes are validated to ensure that quality is built into the product at every stage. The Validation group also plays a key role in assessing changes that might affect the validation status thus assuring that overall quality and compliance are constantly maintained.




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